Summer Bottle


#1 Vodka in the 2013 Ultimate Spirits Competition

Tahoe Blue Vodka is a whole new approach to vodka… It’s a blend of 3 fine and separately  distilled vodkas. We’ve created a recipe using vodkas distilled from grape, grain, and sugarcane that’s formulated for maximum smoothness.

The end result is an incredibly drinkable vodka in an elegant package that reminds us of “The fairest picture the whole earth affords”, in the words of Mark Twain.

Tahoe Blue Vodka is also “Green”… We donate a percentage of proceeds to help preserve The Lake, thereby giving back to and helping protect the place that we love. Each time you purchase a bottle of Tahoe Blue Vodka, take pride in the fact that you’re helping to preserve the pristine beauty that is Lake Tahoe.

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